Carl Spader

Carl Spader’s photography opened the door to a creative and crazy world in November 2012.

Carl Spader’s photography opens the door to a creative and crazy world. His self-portraits explore internal and external identities and the various masks we wear in life.He assumes different roles, inviting viewers to meet fantastic characters, often with the absurdity and playfulness found in Dadaism and Surrealism.

Inspiration for this exhibit comes from the whimsical ceramic Hugboxes by Matt Nils. Carl Spader moves beyond the idea of catching a hug in a simple box, to a series of cardboard self-portraits in both human and bestial form.

The cardboard boxes take on a life of their own with eyes, arms and legs. Who are they and what is hidden within?

See the whole series on-line in the webshop.

Photo (30×40 cm) with frame
(Digital C-type print on Fuji Crystal Gloss paper with
Halbe professional magnetic wood frame, 50×70 cm)

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